Our charitable purpose is eradication of poverty, unemployment, disadvantage and injustice. People may be unemployed or suffer discrimination and injustice because they lack key skills necessary to compete favourably for opportunities in the economy, a condition brought about by their low social power which limits access to information, support and resources. 

Our activities seek to create awareness, disseminate information on resources and opportunities and empower individuals and communities to voice their needs and concerns regarding discrimination, injustice and take positive actions to improve their prospects and redress disadvantage. We mobilise and recruit young people, women, men and active over-50s and enthuse them through motivational and self-confidence/personal development messages and skills training for employment and business. Where necessary, we work with diaspora communities to enable them to gain English language proficiency as basis to gaining self-confidence, improving their social power, settling successfully in the UK, finding gainful employment and integrating with other communities.

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